Mango Panna Cotta


Panna cotta is sweetened cream thickened with gelatin, it is often paired with fruits because of its light texture.

Time Allocation

Preparation Time:

20 minutes

Cooking Time:

10 minutes

  • 1 cup Ripe Mango pured

  • 1 cup Coconut Milk

  • 1 cup Cream

  • 1.5 tablespoons Gelatin

  • 0.5 teaspoon Clear Vanilla Extract

  • 1 piece Ripe Mango cubed

Pantry Staples
  • 0.333333 cup Sugar

  • 2 tablespoon Sugar

  • 1 tablespoon Hot Water

How to Cook

1. Mix hot water and gelatin. Stir until gelatin dissolves, set aside.
2. Boil cream, vanilla extract, and sugar in a deep pan. Add gelatin and coconut milk.
3. Split the mixture into 2 portion and add mango puree to one portion.
4. Layer mixture by pouring first portion and refrigerating it for 10 minutes before pouring the second portion.
5. Refrigerate for 2 hours. Add cubed mango before serving.