Unique, Home Essentials

Everyday Living Made Easy and Affordable at Shopwise

Grocery shopping need no longer be a chore! In fact, families have found Shopwise to be an enjoyable family-bonding shopping destination as we offer something for everyone in the family! Our grocery aisles are packed with yummy treats, delicious ingredients and flavorful food products to make that meal just a little more special.

Our Health and Beauty Section provides shoppers with an organized area for all beauty, grooming and vanity shopping needs.
Our Laundry and Cleaning sections provide home-makers with much needed solutions to help keep home tidy, clean and neat.

Shopwise has also increased its line of imported items from the USA as well as different parts of Asia. Our Everyday USA section offers well-loved favorites like chocolates, cereals, drinks, snacks, chips, canned meat, soups, and more. Our Asian Section, on the other hand, carries a wide range of noodles, condiments, sauces and more, from our neighbor countries in Asia. So when craving for either a spicy Asian teat or a hearty American snack, satisfy your guilty pleasure at Shopwise.

And, just before checking out, families come together for a sumptuous meal at our Mongolian Station where you can concoct your own recipe, with ingredients and sauces of your choice, for only P149.