Fresh Meat And Seafood


Experience the softer side of beef at Shopwise!

Our beef is sourced from Western Australia, one of the largest beef producing regions of the country. The great flavor of our beef comes from cattle grazed on the clean and mineral-rich Western Australian countryside. From the rugged and pristine Kimberley and Pilbara regions to the lush green pastures of the Great Southern and South Western regions, only the finest cattle are sourced to produce quality beef products for our customers.

Everyday meals made simply more delicious and affordable.

Our beef is tender and there is no need to pressure cook. This saves time and money for our time-starved mothers. With our beef, everyday cooking is made simple, more delicious and economical.

Imported Quality, Locally Priced

Our beef has been certified to have passed the Australian Quarantine Assurance standards. So you are guaranteed good quality and freshness everyday.




Our seafood is hand-picked directly from multiple fish farm sources from all over the country to ensure we bring our customers the best quality seafood all the time. Our range consists of salt water and fresh water fish, crustaceans, shellfish, and more, which are delivered in chilled vans to our stores to guarantee that market-fresh quality, everyday.