Crisp, Fruits and Veggies

Fruits of the World, at your Fingertips

Shopwise follows a fruit seasonality chart to ensure we have the best quality fruits in season. If we can’t find them in the country, we source them from the USA, New Zealand, different parts of Asia and Europe. Thus, you are guaranteed to have seasonal fruits all year round.

Help Support Benguet Farmers with Local Produce

Shopwise sources its vegetables from Mt. Zion, a local farmer from the Benguet Province. They initially supplied Shopwise Alabang way back in 1998. Today, Mt. Zion’s business has expanded to a much larger network of farms employing over a hundred farmers to keep up with the demand of most of Shopwise’ Manila stores. Throughout this 17 year relationship, Mt. Zion has produced high quality vegetables following the required standards of Shopwise. Purchasing fresh local vegetables from Shopwise not only satisfies your vegetable cravings, but also goes a long way in providing livelihood for the Mt. Zion Benguet farmers.